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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 12th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Neptune in Pisces will fill you with doubts and uncertainties today. You're tempted to cheat on your partner, but determined to remain faithful to them. Should you make peace with your other half and show them how much you love them or go see if the grass is greener elsewhere? Your call... But beware of irreparable mistakes!


    The love of your life isn't going to magically fall into your lap one day... Stop dreaming! Go out and meet new people. But be careful not to fall in love with the first person who smiles at you! Most of those strangers only want one thing from you... Don't fall for empty promises. Be patient, you should meet someone who genuinely likes you in the next few days.

    Sexy tip

    Out of control, you will barely give him enough time to catch his breath! Devilishly good sex is what you're after today!


    You usually know how to cheer yourself up following a difficult week in the workplace... But not today! Try something different, something you're not used to. Why don't you take the time to pamper yourself this Saturday?

    Your finances

    You have a tendency to take far too many risks in this domain! But you know what they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day... You will somehow manage to keep your finances afloat this Saturday!

    Your lucky number




    It's time to have an honest conversation with your friends before those underlying arguments get out of hand... You don't have to fall out with them, you know!


    There's nothing more important, in your eyes, than a united family. Spend as much quality time with your loved ones as you can this Saturday.

    Your saying

    « It's better to be criticized by one person than be admired by a thousand » Chinese saying


    If you're allergic to something, pay close attention to your surroundings today. Especially if you travel somewhere you've never been before!

    Your color

    Stimulating and reassuring, scarlet red will make a welcome entrance in your cosmetic bag!

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