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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 8th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    A positive day is on the menu! A beautiful Venus in Gemini will bring you and your partner back on the same wavelength this Tuesday. Jupiter in Scorpio and Mercury in Aries will encourage you to make the most of what life has to offer together. Plan the vacation you and your other half have both been dreaming about for years!


    Things are going a lot quicker than anticipated with your latest date... Wow! You weren't ready for a serious relationship just yet. What should you do? Don't stress yourself out. You like that person, right? So continue to enjoy yourself in their company and see where the next couple of dates lead you...

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever given your partner a striptease? Try it immediately! Let him grab your hand and do whatever he wants with it... You won't regret it.


    You've stopped arguing with some of your colleagues and you feel much more relaxed in the workplace as a result. But be careful not to subsequently let your guard down and reveal too much about yourself today... Some people could use that against you!

    Your finances

    The perfect day to catch your breath in this domain. You will finally have the chance to spend some money on yourself! You could be given an unexpected amount of cash, or the bank might finally trust you with a credit card...

    Your lucky number




    You want to be proven right at all costs. How do you expect anyone to be friends with someone as stubborn as you? Do something about it!


    Don't be too demanding with your family, especially your children. Give them the chance to form and express their own beliefs.

    Your saying

    « The world is a sea, our heart is its shore » Chinese saying


    Your body is crying out for a break! Feeling like you're about to run out of gas, you will finally sit down and put your feet up today.

    Your color

    Pale gray nails will make you look like a real city girl!

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