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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- May 15th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Venus/Mercury duo helps you express your feelings today. You're lot kinder and funnier than usual, my Aries friend! You're aware of how important it is for you and your partner to trust each other, especially as your freedom means a lot to you. Your other half cannot start suspecting you of misbehaving behind their back, that's for sure!


    It's time to stop living in the past. Mars and Uranus encourage you to delete every single one of your exes out of your life. Talking to your new crush about someone you used to date is a big no-no! Be yourself and focus on finding someone who knows how to treat you right. Mercury and Venus will help you find the right words to win people over.

    Sexy tip

    Break your routine! Vary the pace of the sexual act as often as possible! Your partner will try their best to please you.


    The Mars/Uranus sextile supports your career while Saturn continues to help you move your professional projects forward. You could, however, feel like you're being put under more pressure than usual in the workplace. Don't let it get to you!

    Your finances

    You're not sure whether to rest on your laurels and keep on living a perfectly enjoyable life, or find a risky but ambitious way to invest your savings... Carefully weigh up the pros and cons of any decision you may be about to make!

    Your lucky number




    An old friend sharing an important secret with you could bring you close to tears... You still mean so much to them even if you two haven't seen each other for ages!


    You're obsessed with the idea of brightening up your home! Don't forget to ask the people you live with for their permission first...

    Your saying

    « We start getting old once we've finished learning » Japanese saying


    You're slightly more anxious and stressed than usual. Going for a long walk in your spare time should help you relax.

    Your color

    Retro and glamor, aniline black lingerie will make you look like a pin-up girl!

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