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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- April 25th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The effects of the Moon and Saturn in your romance sector are not to be taken lightly today. Your communications skills are not up to scratch and you'll have a hard time in making your thoughts heard at home. What's more, the Uranus-Mercury-Venus trio is forming a square with Saturn and sending your thoughts into disarray. Your joint projects will be put on hold as a result.


    You're struggling to get your thoughts off of your chest and you could end up giving the wrong impression to your love interests as a result. Saturn's tripe conjunction with Uranus, Mercury and Venus are wreaking havoc with your interpersonal skills and causing you to speak without thinking through the consequences. The less said the better about your love life today.

    Sexy tip

    You don't really need to, that's true, but why don't you give sex toys a try? You're open to new experiences!


    Saturn's negative influences are doing nothing to help your career. You've started ten different projects today but haven't finished a single one so your desk looks like a bomb's hit it. Your lack of organization has been noticed by your boss so don't be surprised if they have a word with you soon.

    Your finances

    Your financial projects have come to standstill through no fault of your own so it's no wonder you're boiling with rage. Saturn is causing your finances to take a turn for the worse and you'll have no choice other than to be patient and wait for this planet to depart from your sky.

    Your lucky number




    You're struggling to communicate clearly and your friends can tell that something is amiss. Think very carefully before opening your mouth as you could live to regret it!


    You're just not on the same wavelength as your family members today. Saturn will step in just in the nick of time and help you to come to a compromise. Phew!

    Your saying

    "One person is missing, and your whole world feels empty." Alphonse de Lamartine


    Your moods are up and down like a yo-yo and you have a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill. Oh dear...

    Your color

    A raspberry top will go well with your gray outfits. You will truly look your best.

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