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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- April 6th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The combined effects of the Moon and Uranus are turning you into an emotional wreck and the Moon-Saturn conjunction is only adding insult to injury. Your nerves are shot to ribbons and your poor partner doesn't know how to interpret your erratic behavior today. Saturn will step in just in the nick of time to remind you of what's important and keep you in check.


    The Moon's square with Uranus indicates that not everything is as it seems today. Your plans will be subject to last minute changes whilst unexpected events will throw a spanner in the works on the romance front. It's no wonder you're feeling downtrodden, especially with the Moon-Saturn conjunction lurking in your romance sector. Oh dear!

    Sexy tip

    You try to keep every single thing under control in the bedroom. Why don't you just go with the flow for once? Get rid of your taboos! Dare to ask unusual questions...


    Your interpersonal skills aren't up to scratch so you may find yourself in a tense situation with your co-workers. You'll fly off the handle for no good reason and your boss will come down on you like a ton of bricks when they get wind of your behavior. Oh dear...

    Your finances

    Unexpected events will throw you off course and cause you to fear the worst for your finances. You're trying to think positively but it's proving much easier said than done. Saturn is urging you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start looking for a solution.

    Your lucky number




    The negative alignment of Uranus in your friendship sector is bringing out your selfish side. It's no wonder your pals are avoiding you like the plague these days.


    Your patience is wearing thin and you could end up flying off the handle with your nearest and dearest today. Please remember that family life is all about give and take.

    Your saying

    "Look for freedom and you will become slave to your desires. Look for discipline and you will find freedom." Koan zen


    Your impulsive nature won't do you any favors on the social front today. Your interpersonal skills are nowhere to be seen.

    Your color

    Close to apricot-yellow, nankeen make-up will give your cheeks a bright and friendly look.

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