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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 23rd, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today, humor is going to be your trademark. You'll teach your partner how to get away without packing bags...Sun is going to complete this dreamy couple forecast, by turning this day into a substitute for a honeymoon...You'll resume the role, which is yours, through actions which will make your sweetheart smile again.


    You'll be mature more than ever...This is going to be useful for you today! Someone you've been flirting with for a while, is going to give into your advances. Well, you're going to see the wold. After passionate antics, he/she is going to make ambitious plans and you're part of it. Your response? Slow and steady wins the race!

    Sexy tip

    A romantic night with your partner, are you in? Give the Lotus position a try... Amongst others! Explore new sexual horizons with your other half.


    Jealous or malicious colleagues, superiors who won't be understanding, you'll have the impression of struggling today...You'll be forced to fight hard, so that you don't get walked over! What a period!

    Your finances

    No need to turn your finances into a gas factory...Less money than planned on your account? No need to panic. You'll target the priority expenses, even if this means stopping or postponing some purchases which don't seem essential. Simple and efficient!

    Your lucky number




    Under the good impulses of Uranus, friendship won't make you blind. You know the weaknesses and qualities of your friends by heart. Always useful!


    You can't stop telling your family all the time: stop focusing on the disagreements and let's focus on what brings us together!

    Your saying

    "The sponge absorbs, but it must be squeezed to express itself." German proverb


    By toning down issues and taking cat naps, you're going to be feel quite good.

    Your color

    A blackcurrant outfit will give you a bright and fruity look!

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