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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 21st, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Buddy Aries, you can expect clashes in your couple...These will come along like a storm during summer! One-sided choices or decisions from your partner is something you can't stand. You'll be offended that he/she didn't talk to you first. You'll try to oppose this as a while...but in vein! Your relationship will be weakened...


    You may welcome someone you recently met. You'll be happy to notice that this man or woman accepted your invitation. Everything is going to work as planned, well almost..You didn't think that the date with this person was going to head towards a sexual relationship. Your guest is going to be very enterprising.

    Sexy tip

    A 'cuddle' for dessert is already whetting your appetite! Let your partner eat you alive... Give him a meal he will not forget for the rest of his life!


    Launching initiatives, asking for some freedom for action, due to these obstacles generated by Mercury, it's not going to be easy to win the deal...Your work quality will be perceived as average! So, one will limit your scope of action...

    Your finances

    Today, time is your worst ally...Buddy Aries, concerning the payment of your debts, you were sure about benefiting from the leniency of your lenders or negotiating the time periods. Too confident, you're going to be disillusioned...

    Your lucky number




    In terms of friendship, the situation won't be hopeless...but almost! Indeed, by dint of playing the solitary one, you may actually turn into one!


    Due to stubborn people, your family bearings are going to be shaken up and prejudices will be more present than ever. This is really going to get on your nerves...

    Your saying

    "Equality between men is a rule that is only made up of exceptions." Ernest Jaubert


    By drawing on your inner strength constantly, you'll let everyday hassles vampirize your vitality...

    Your color

    Greeny-yellow is a fashionable kaki in what is proving to be a very military-trendy year.

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