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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 20th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Under Mars's domination, you won't use the free rein technique with your partner. Take a step back, review things, defuse the situation, easier said than done...You'll get this advise from your loved ones. Indeed, you spoke about your disappoints only to them. Your final choice will be about getting some distance.


    You placed love on a pedestal! A state of Venus or Apollo...During the beginning of this weekend, the red planet is going to unbolt your idealism. An emotional relationship is really going to disappoint you. You're going to learn the hard way. Really? Yes! It's going to be a super gigantic hard way...you would like to forget about it.

    Sexy tip

    A gentle clash with your partner will make you feel like keeping the fight going in the bedroom! Take joint initiatives and listen to each other's desires...


    You may be caught up by your professional entourage, with the obligation to find solutions to their problems...Instead of sorting out things, you may be the source of a conflict. The relational aspect won't be your strong suit!

    Your finances

    Buddy Aries, the way you handle your business could lead to some issues. Mars's presence is going to be unsettling and make things worse. Indeed, this planet may take away from one hand what one gives you with the other.

    Your lucky number




    The atmosphere is going to horrible with friends. The one who has the biggest ego wins! Playground jibes but for adults...


    Mars is going to shatter the protective family bubble. Indeed today, you'll notice that it's each one to his own.

    Your saying

    "Passions are the only speakers who are always persuasive." La Rochefoucauld


    5 fruits and vegetables per day? Today, you won't follow this recommendation...It'll be 5 carbs morning, noon and night!

    Your color

    Aniline red nail varnish will give your fingers a classy and ultra-girly look.

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