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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 5th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Terrified due to more and more aggressive fears, you may turn your couple home into a lightening rod. Oh well buddy Aries, given the major Martian opposition, your little nest will turn into a place where your respective frustration and anger will be discharged. Like in tennis, your exchanges will take many rounds.


    Nothing could pour off today in your love life. Things are going to be dead-calm with any hanky panky. Due to planetary opposition sent by Saturn, you'll get on your high horse. Instead of warming up hearts, you'll make a chilly effect. Too clumsy and direct, plus not romantic enough. Given these conditions...

    Sexy tip

    Use naughty and original accessories in the bedroom! There are times in life when you must know how to let your hair down and stop planning everything!


    You hardly even reach your workplace and you're already thinking of leaving...You'll be in a hurry to work your hours and go back home. Nothing surprising. Your schedule is to survive and you don't like it much.

    Your finances

    A salary, a refund or a bank wire, regardless of the exact nature of the amount which awaits you, the latter is going to make you into a nervous wreck. All this due to a delay in payment...You'll consult your accounts, every five minutes.

    Your lucky number




    Buddy Aries, you may need to get rid of someone from your friend circle who disappointed you or has turned unmanageable.


    The weekend is on the way, you'll take on the role of family leader. So buddy Aries, you'll seem much more stricter...

    Your saying

    "A dream is the aquarium of the night." Victor Hugo


    In terms of vitality, Mars is going to be synonymous with overload and exhaustion. A piece of advise: sleep earlier!

    Your color

    A bladder-green outfit will be the ideal thing to wear for a weekend spent walking in the countryside.

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