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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 4th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The atmosphere is rather hostile between you and your partner. Indeed, there won't be any kindness exchanged during the day. It'll almost be a series of rebukes. One step forward, two step backwards, your couple will seem like it's facing a dead end. A dead end, you can't get past.


    Buddy singleton, in your sector of love life, a range of disturbing vibes are going to come along between you and your romantic dates. Today, some exchanges are going to go from green to red. Misunderstandings and mix-ups are going to come in the way of your seduction game. Suffice to say this at once, dating is going to be a disaster!

    Sexy tip

    Whisper sensual and sexual words into his ear... Be romantic one second and crude the next! Words have a bigger impact that you can even imagine!


    If you have a management position, you'll seem a little bossy...Due to major lunar pressure, you'll obviously lack patience and empathy, mainly with colleagues who aren't really reactive. One will sulk with you!

    Your finances

    Buddy Aries, if there was a spending license like a drivers license, one would take it away from you today! You'll go past your limits and ignore banking rules: bounced checks, overdraft etc.

    Your lucky number




    Moon is in retrograde and will complicate your friendly relations. It could trigger misunderstandings or unfortunate remarks. You need to forget about this day!


    Buddy Aries, you'll surprise your family entourage by applying the right to veto certain decisions. Today, you won't lack air...

    Your saying

    "The fox waiting for the hen to fall stays hungry." Greek proverb


    A wrong move, cramps, migraine, nothing serious buddy Aries, just little annoying pains...

    Your color

    Chestnut-brown is the color in fashion for all your ankle and knee boots.

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