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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 29th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You feel like the time has come for you and your partner to talk about the things that are currently holding your relationship back. You expect your significant other to be as open and honest as you, my Aries friend. Annoyed by their refusal to discuss your ongoing issues, you could seriously lose your temper today... Try not to slam doors too hard!


    Your intuition rarely lets you down in love... But you can be slightly too honest and naive for your own good at times, my single friend! You've fallen head over heels for someone who ticks every single one of your sentimental boxes... But that person asking you for money could bring you back down to earth with a massive bump!

    Sexy tip

    Take care of your body to build your self-confidence up and be a lot more daring. Forget about how shy and reserved you once were!


    Supported by Mercury in Aquarius, you will leave your personal issues aside and focus on showing what you're capable of in the workplace. Convincing, hardworking and supportive, you could naturally be put in charge of a team of devoted employees.

    Your finances

    Unexpected setbacks and delays are on the menu in this domain. There's nothing you hate more than timewasters, but you try your best to hide how annoyed you really are with your interlocutors. You haven't given up on your goal just yet...

    Your lucky number




    With the Moon in Leo, you will not be afraid to ask for help or advice on various social networking sites. So many people are going to comment on your post!


    Your kindness is incredibly reassuring. You're your everyone's rock! Your loved ones cannot make any decision without asking for your opinion first.

    Your saying

    "The world is blind. Very few people can see." Buddha


    It doesn't matter how tired you are, throwing in the towel is out of the question. You always keep on going no matter what!

    Your color

    Lavender eyes are in fashion for blondes or fair-skinned brunettes!

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