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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 7th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You don't want to make things worse by talking to your partner about what's currently worrying you... They have enough on their plate as it is! But you could be accused of downplaying the gravity of the situation you find yourselves in! Deal with your problems together. Show how much you care about each other. Fall asleep holding your lover's hand!


    You're not in the mood to flirt with strangers online. You'd rather meet people in real life, but you barely ever go out these days! Venus, the traveler of the zodiac, in Sagittarius encourages you to exchange messages with someone with lives hundreds of miles away. They're nice, but you know that nothing serious is ever going to happen with them.

    Sexy tip

    It's time your partner got arrested... Get your handcuffs out! Spice up your sex life, but please try not to go too far!


    Mars, your planet, moving to Taurus will help you move your current projects forward. Don't give up on your goals simply because it's taking you slightly longer than planned to taste success. Be careful not to start bullying one of your colleagues...

    Your finances

    The planets should leave your finances alone today. You could even find a clever way to invest some of your savings, my Aries friend! You're on the verge of completing an important sale or purchase. Only a few more documents to sign!

    Your lucky number




    You don't have a problem with some of your friends ignoring your messages. It won't stop you from being nice to them again in the future!


    Your family relationships are slightly tense right now. Pretend that you've an urgent phone call to make in order to avoid unnecessary drama.

    Your saying

    "Philosophy is nothing other than the love of wisdom." Cicero


    Respect your body and be aware of your own physical and psychological limits. Don't push yourself too far. Take the time to rest too!

    Your color

    Turkish red lipstick will give you this bohemian and oriental look you're after!

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