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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 6th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your little routine isn't exactly exciting, but you and your partner are pretty happy together at the minute. You'd like your other half to be a bit more of a leader, a driving force... You're a bit bored of always being the one taking initiatives at home! You may not be expressing yourself clearly enough... Or your other half is simply ignoring what you're trying to tell them!


    You enjoy talking to someone who is perfectly nice, but who isn't exactly your type... Stay in touch with them, you never know what can happen in the future! If they live far away, you may visit their city one day... If they're local, they could pleasantly surprise you if you decide to meet up with them in real life! The heart has reasons of its own which reason does not know...

    Sexy tip

    Take your partner's breath away with a fantastic strip-tease! Wear sexy lingerie and an original outfit to whet their sexual appetite...


    You will be trusted with a fascinating task. You're up for the challenge! Stay focused, as this tricky assignment could take slightly longer than planned. The planets are testing your patience... But you will pass with flying colors, don't worry! You love your job.

    Your finances

    Don't be afraid to ask for help, a reference letter or a little loan... You mustn't feel ashamed for trying to make life more comfortable for yourself and your family. You could be surprised by someone trusting you with their money...

    Your lucky number




    You can count your true friends on the fingers of one hand. Those people are always there to listen to you talk about your problems.


    You and your family find it hard to agree on anything these days. You simply can't compromise, and neither can your loved ones... So frustrating!

    Your saying

    "Perfection is a journey, not an end." Korean proverb


    You'd rather be active than put your feet up. But you could start suffering from insomnia if you don't get enough sleep at night...

    Your color

    From mauve to violet via wisteria, purple is the trendy color to wear for an innocent look.

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