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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- November 8th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You won't have any other choice but to listen to your partner's desires and get loved ones together. You'll highlight this with humor and a smile as you'll be delighted by his/her initiative. It's as if your sweetheart guessed your expectations through telepathy and it'll confirm that you're made for one another.


    This suitor isn't going to be choosy, you'll invite him/her to join you for this event. You'll want to see this person evolve in the society and see if he/she will be able to adapt with your personality. You'll be satisfied as not only will this suitor join you and be pleasant with everyone but will also show you his/her attraction without being ostentatious.

    Sexy tip

    Take things one step at a time, pace yourself, it's all good! Use your hands, caress his body to turn him on!


    Inspired by Sun's dynamic in Scorpio, you'll look for reasons through self-assessment which seem to come in the way of your professional activity. You'll really feel the need to succeed in this sector.

    Your finances

    You'll have priorities in terms of your budget and you'll be able to set a coherent course of action, to round this off well. You'll also have a strict criteria on the expenses you need to carry out and this won't necessarily please your entourage.

    Your lucky number




    Go with the flow even though it won't be pleasant. Often, you'll come across people who'll be jealous of you.


    Your desire to boost your little universe will appeal to your family. You won't count your time or energy to pamper them.

    Your saying

    "He who rows with the flow makes the crocodiles laugh." African proverb


    You'll need to exert yourself physically to resume psychic, mental and corporal harmony.

    Your color

    Perfect for special forces or globetrotters, lichen green allows you to blend in nature!

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