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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- August 22nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Unlike some people, you actually find reassurance in the mundanity and routine of your relationship. You know each other inside out and you have every faith in your future together. You're floating on a cloud of happiness as you know just how lucky you are to have found your soulmate. Rest assured that you can trust your instincts and let your guard down.


    The astral configuration is giving a much-needed boost to your love life. Dear Aries, you have every right to be smiling as good news is on the horizon today. A certain someone has swept you off your feet and reinstated your faith in true love. That said, remember not to dive in at the deep end with your eyes closed...

    Sexy tip

    Be reserved and shy, it will stimulate all of his senses. Playing all innocent will seriously turn your other half on.


    You're usually known for your well kept desk and perfectly organized folders. That's not the case today though as it looks like a bomb has hit your work station! The truth of the matter is that you're in desperate need of a vacation.

    Your finances

    Your finances are about to take a turn for the better thanks to a combination of hard work and pure luck. The opportunity of a lifetime has come along and you've wasted no time in jumping on it while you have the chance. Bravo!

    Your lucky number




    Your hectic schedule will prevent you from spending any quality time with your pals today. That shopping spree and glass of wine will just have to wait!


    You'll have a huge smile on your face after a day with your loved ones. You always feel miles better after a few hours in their company.

    Your saying

    « Exploring your mind is similar to digging a well. Water is pretty cloudy at first, before becoming a lot clearer » Chinese saying


    The planets are giving you wings and your energy levels are through the roof. What a difference a day makes!

    Your color

    Very trendy this year, duck blue goes so well with all kinds of neutral colors!

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