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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 2nd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The solar dissonance will lead you either to fly off the handle or keep to yourself, depending. Your partner will try to confront you. You might not realize it, but this is kind of their final attempt.


    You'll try to give the most of yourself to a Gemini or Aquarius. But you'll move too fast for them, and they'll slam on the brakes. Don't forget that it takes two to tango!

    Sexy tip

    Never-ending foreplay, here is something you really don't mind! Massage his back before exploring the rest of his body...


    You'll get slapped with a nickname at work that will stick around for a while: Mr. or Ms. NO! It certainly does seem that you immediately refuse whenever anyone asks you to do something!

    Your finances

    Your banker wants to check in with you. They might catch you by surprise to make sure you're keeping all your promises and righting your financial ship.

    Your lucky number




    Jupiter's dissonance is making you into a bit of a phony, dear Aries, and with that loss of authenticity will go your friends.


    Certain family members will push you to dig in your heels. Expect to hear the sound of doors slamming quite often.

    Your saying

    « A woman has two things: smooth hands and a big heart » Georges Courteline


    You're not chewing your food well enough, and your stomach will make its discontentment known!

    Your color

    Turkey red on your lips will make you look hot like an oriental belly dancer!

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