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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- June 5th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus, the planet of love, is working wonders for your relationship. There will be no lack of passion today and plenty of fun between the sheets to look forward to. Your libido is sky high at the moment and you'll have no qualms in declaring your undying love for your partner. Remember that actions speak louder than words though...


    Your love life is improving and you have high hopes that a budding romance could get off the ground today. You sense of humor and natural charms will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to date offers. The only fly in the ointment is that you're looking for someone who ticks every single one of the boxes and you're not prepared to make any exceptions.

    Sexy tip

    Tie his hands with your silk stockings and turn him into your slave... Sex toys can be fun, too. Use them together!


    Your team work skills will be put to the test today as a result of changes in the workplace. You may even find yourself promoted to team leader and if that's the case then now is your time to shine. Your boss has every faith in you and will welcome your ideas with open arms.

    Your finances

    Your friends are a bad influence on you when it coms to spending money. Your busy social life is costing you a fortune at the moment and your family members will try to get you back on the straight and narrow today. You could brush up on your DIY skills in order to save some cash at home.

    Your lucky number




    A certain friend has a bone to pick with you and it could be a result of you throwing your weight around recently. Tone it down a bit if you know what's good for you.


    A loved one will ask you for a favor today, possibly relating to DIY works on their home or car. You'll drop whatever you're doing in order to be there for them.

    Your saying

    « Offering your friendship to someone who seeks love is like giving bread to someone dying of thirst » Spanish saying


    You've been burning the candle at both ends so it's no wonder you're feeling under the weather. Get an early night!

    Your color

    Fresh and acid, lime green is THE color in fashion this year.

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