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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- June 3rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If you suspect that your partner may be playing the field then you are advised to voice your concerns before turning into a detective. Their may be a rational explanation for their recent change in behavior and jumping to conclusions will only do more harm than good. The stars indicate that it's all a big misunderstanding and you'll be back in each other's arms by this evening.


    If you're looking for your soulmate then you'll have to hold out a little longer but you may well enjoy a no-strings fling in the meantime. You have mixed feelings for this person but the chemistry is there so there's no need to deprive yourself! Your friends will have some wise words of advice for you on the love front so make sure you hear them out.

    Sexy tip

    Learn how to put your sensations into words... Talking about it is so exciting! Plan a "sexy" dinner: don't forget to "spoon" for dessert!


    Keep your head down at work today and remain focused on the tasks in hand. You've got a lot on your plate but you're determined to rise to the challenge and not let the workload get the better of you. The day will end on a high note with a very lucrative business deal.

    Your finances

    Your spending is through the roof at the moment and it won't be long until you've frittered away your savings. Try to set some cash aside this month as you never know when it might come in handy. You've got a lifeline so go ahead and use it!

    Your lucky number




    Tensions are bubbling beneath the surface in your friendship group. Jealousy is eating away at your relationships and the cracks are starting to appear.


    Think very carefully before you speak today as you're skating on thin ice with your siblings as it is. Past disagreements are about to rise to the surface and give you all some food for thought.

    Your saying

    « One who beats oneself has the power » Lao Tseu


    Your body and mind are in need of some TLC today. Set some time aside for rest and relaxation.

    Your color

    Going well with pink, camel yellow, cappuccino or olive green, vermilion red makes an appearance in your wardrobe.

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