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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- March 25th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You want to take care of yourself and you're in a capricious and egoistic mood. Your ego has been intensified and you can feel this. Useless imposing this on your partner, it won't be loyal! You prefer slipping away and being discreet and you should be given credit for this. Luckily, Chiron is there to provide you with common sense.


    You may actually guide yourself and go out to meet your future soul mate! You're willing and are up for it! However this is a little risky, given your mood today! You have the habit of taking useless risks and your judgment is subjective. The day doesn't favor encounters.

    Sexy tip

    Use aphrodisiac fragrances: jasmine, patchouli, ylang-ylang... Did you know that incense had aphrodisiac powers?


    Your carefree nature could thwart your usual serious attitude. Moreover, the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction, squared with your Moon makes you feel frustrated and this could make you aggressive. You need to be careful.

    Your finances

    The Moon/Jupiter square is a fearsome aspect which encourages to indulge in excesses, mainly in the financial sector! You feel the strong desire to buy for the sake of buying, tough to control! Your light mind encourages you to be unreasonable.

    Your lucky number




    Watch out for gluttony! You may end up with a heartburn, dinner at your friends' could be a nightmare! Control yourself.


    Careful, your remarks may surpass your thoughts! It'll be wiser not to get involved in family discussions.

    Your saying

    "One asks the flower for its perfume and the man for politeness." Hindu proverb


    You're advised to relax, going overboard disturbs you. Plus, today's mood doesn't help! One would like to avoid such a day.

    Your color

    For a sensual and cheeky smile, opt for a garnet red lipstick.

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