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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- March 11th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your couple may be hit by the negative aspects of Moon during the day, with full force. The latter has settled down in the marriage sector! Indeed, the squares it receives from Mars and Jupiter, trigger abruptness and aggressiveness, which can't be controlled easily! You express this to your sweetheart.


    The day doesn't seem to favor love and even less looking for a soul mate! You're in a bad mood and a mere nothing gets on your nerves! Useless taking risks as these won't help things because you're extremely tense! The best would be to relax, avoid encounters and patiently wait for the storm to settle.

    Sexy tip

    A quick strip-tease will truly put your partner in the mood for it! Look at him as if you were about to eat him alive! Make him beg you for more...


    You seem inconsistent and touchy at work. Your determination seems more like a battle which has been lost in advance, today! Let go, useless insisting, your reactions are excessive. The Moon/Mars square is against you.

    Your finances

    Excess is on the agenda and spending doesn't derogate from this! Jupiter is there to remind you, the latter encourages you to spend a lot! You're advised not to be tempted, keep your eyes closed when you come across shops!

    Your lucky number




    You would like to get moral support from your friends, during this difficult day. But you don't contact them, silence is gold!


    Your bad mood annoys the family! You're extremely sensitive and get angry! Avoid confrontations, it's better.

    Your saying

    "The man worthy to be heard is he who uses speech only for thought, and thought only to speak the truth and virtue. " Fénelon


    Today, one can really feel aggressiveness and you can't wait to go to sleep! You look forward to the next day!

    Your color

    It's everywhere: accessories, clothes and make-up... Lime green is the dynamic and summery color of the year!

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