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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 23rd, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll be ill at ease in this atmosphere which lacks honesty. Your partner will withdraw in his/her bubble and you won't know what he's thinking which will will get you all wound up. You'll titillate and provoke your sweetheart until he reacts. You don't care if the truth is tough to hear, as long as you know it.


    Being rejected is never a pleasant feeling, but you won't be hurt by this failure in your emotional life. Your ego will be hurt, especially since you won't know the reason for this sudden change. This person will blame you for harassing, while you were just asking for an explanation.

    Sexy tip

    Rub an ice cube from his lower back region to his neck and enjoy his reaction... So hot! Chocolate and sex go incredibly well together... Give it a try, you'll see for yourself!


    Mars shall develop your talents on the field. At work or during an extra-curricular activity, you'll take action instinctively. You'll answer requests through practical solutions, without wasting too much time in useless discussions.

    Your finances

    Straightening out your finances will be a good idea under the Mars/Uranus trine. There is no emergency, you'll postpone this boring task. After all, your accounts won't be affected as long as you don't indulge in spending.

    Your lucky number




    You won't care about other people's judgments. You'll leave them alone with their qualms and focus on the present.


    Helping your loved ones will bring you a lot of personal satisfaction. You'll need these exchanges and reunion to feel better.

    Your saying

    "Silence is a friend who never betrays you." Confucius


    It'll be time for you to play for time and temper. Favor one activity at a time, by balancing pleasure and effort.

    Your color

    Incredibly sexy, crimson red will seriously spice up your wardrobe!

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