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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 7th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The last steps of Venus in Pisces won't give you any satisfaction. Your partner will need to show you how much he/she loves you and that you're important and his priority. But nothing will be good enough. You'll have a major thirst for love and despite the proofs, your sweetheart won't be able to pacify your anxieties.


    If you were to come across an encounter, you may be disappointed. For you too singleton, Venus is still in Pisces for a few more hours and shall encourage you to make errors of judgment. Initially, you'll like this person for his/her physique and not pay attention to this person's flaws but then you'll have a hard time ignoring these.

    Sexy tip

    Your lively imagination will easily make up for your partner's lack of inspiration. Treat him to a sexy strip-tease to kick the night off!


    Nothing will take you away from your goals. In fact your efforts will be acknowledged by your peers but you won't work for the acknowledgment. You'll use your energy to expand on your field of action. Keep going this way.

    Your finances

    Your money inflow will be enough to honor your duties. But you won't be satisfied. You'll still try to increase your income so that you don't need to count and make the month ends easier, to spend your money.

    Your lucky number




    Devoted and generous for the right causes, you'll feel like taking care of others, doing charity work or helping a friend in need.


    You'll forget about all the little disagreements between you. You'll be very close-knit and shall defend a relative, if someone tries to bad mouth.

    Your saying

    "Courage sits exactly in the middle between fear and audacity." Aristotle


    You'll be a little anxious. During this period of intense nervousness, don't forget to practice a relaxing activity.

    Your color

    As far as make-up goes, dark skins can get away with wearing almost every color known to man!

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