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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 18th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your partner don't spend enough quality time together. Something your other half will seriously criticize you for today! Argument about money or a disappointing sex life could be in the cards. Talk about your problems. Look for original ways to surprise your lover: treat them to a torrid night they will remember forever...


    You have to go out and talk to as many new people as you can if you're serious about finding love. You could meet interesting new faces when out socializing with friends this Saturday... But be careful not to fall head over heels for someone who's already in a relationship! He or she probably wouldn't even think about leaving their current partner for you...

    Sexy tip

    Take control but make him feel like he's the one in charge. Get out of your comfort zone, have sex in unusual places to spice things up.


    Your whole department is under a lot of pressure. You hate being asked to do the same thing day in, day out in the workplace. You're considering looking for a new job. Some of your colleagues could point you in the direction of a position that matches your skills!

    Your finances

    Going out with friends all the time is incredibly expensive! You make a pretty good living but you can barely afford to take part in any of your other hobbies at the minute. Start compromising! You don't like tightening your belt, but it's all for a good cause...

    Your lucky number




    An old friend could unexpectedly get back in touch with you. Or could you bump into someone you had completely forgotten about when out with friends? Either way, you will not stop smiling!


    You will be surprised to hear from a relative you haven't seen in years! That person reminds you of your childhood... Ah, the good old days!

    Your saying

    "Patience is the art of hoping." Vauvenargues


    Exercising in the evening would help you feel reenergized. Take regular breaks throughout the day too!

    Your color

    Comforting and elegant, a dark yellowish color will suit pale complexions down to a T.

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