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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 16th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Mercury in Capricorn will make you very suspicious in this domain. You're terrified of your other half cheating on you! You don't like it when your partner doesn't tell you who they're texting or where they're going out... Try not to cause a scene if you can! Your lover could accuse you of not being tender and affectionate enough. You're so animalistic when it comes to sex!


    You won't meet anyone particularly interesting today. You simply will not have anything in common with those new faces, my Aries friend! You've no interest in spending time with people who you feel you cannot trust... You're very insecure at the minute. Don't take any risks in this domain. Don't force yourself to go out with someone you don't have feelings for!

    Sexy tip

    Take control, be dominant, surprise your partner, it will turn him on. Why don't you try to shout abuse at him during sex? You could be pleasantly surprised!


    Some of your colleagues are trying to take advantage of you. Be careful not to lend a hand to someone desperate to outshine you! Don't share your objectives with anyone. Stay focused on your tasks! It doesn't matter if you're less organized and slower than usual...

    Your finances

    Your finances aren't as stable as you'd like. You cannot stop spending money on needless gadgets! Your car is also costing you a fair bit of cash at the minute. Driving up everywhere isn't cheap! And you quite like customizing your ride...

    Your lucky number




    You can't believe how jealous one of your friends is! Don't tell them anything too personal today. They're waiting for the chance to stab you in the back...


    You hate being ignored by your family. You feel like nobody's listening to you at the minute! But you always feel guilty for shouting at someone you love...

    Your saying

    "The death of a good deed is to talk about it." Arabic proverb


    You must relax and get rid of stress. You're far too nervous to properly recharge your batteries this Thursday.

    Your color

    Discreet, clay-white will go wonderfully well with a mauve outfit.

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