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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 13th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You try hard to move your relationship back in the right direction. Well done for opening up to your partner! But the planets in Capricorn will make it hard for you to turn a blind eye to your current problems. You two could once again argue about money this Monday. Don't let those issues harm your relationship! Treat your lover to a romantic evening if you can...


    You dream about falling in love, but you cannot seem to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right! You keep falling for people who are looking for something completely different... A frustrating day is in the cards on the sentimental front. Don't give up, you will eventually find your soul mate one day! Spend the evening with your good friends if you can.

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try having sex outdoors or in an unusual place? Don't forget to wear protection! But do give new experiences a try!


    Not being able to see eye to eye with your collaborators is slowing you down. Enough is enough! You cannot carry on working in those despicable conditions. With Saturn in Capricorn, you're sick and tired of doing the same thing all the time!

    Your finances

    You're once again far too impulsive for your own good. All those little purchases add up! Your bank balance is worryingly low. Stop spending your cash like there's no tomorrow! You could regret buying an expensive item you really don't need...

    Your lucky number




    Having such a strong personality isn't always a good thing. Try to listen to what one of your good friends is trying to tell you! Show that you care about them...


    You don't know how to calm things down with your loved ones. Stop adding fuel to the fire! Family traditions make your skin crawl...

    Your saying

    "A slip of the tongue does more damage than a trip of the foot." African proverb


    Irritable, you could suffer from stomach cramps and struggle to fall asleep at night. Exercising would help you relax.

    Your color

    Don't be afraid to match your tangerine nail varnish with your handbag, shoes or stocking!

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