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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- December 7th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner has grand plans for this evening whereas you would prefer to hole up at home on the couch with a bottle of wine. You have no desire to head out to the movies or meet up with mutual friends for dinner. Your loved one knows that you're introverted by nature but they'll nevertheless ask you to pull your socks up and start making an effort in this relationship.


    A certain someone has been giving you the eye recently and you're weighing up the pros and cons of getting to know them better. You're happy being single but you also know that it would do you good to get back in the saddle and start meeting some new faces. Could it be that your fear of failure is holding you back?

    Sexy tip

    Bad at geography? You don't need a degree to explore every inch of his body! Ice cubes will make everything so much more pleasurable!


    Tensions are rising at work owing to Neptune and its dissonances. Your career could suffer from today's events so resist the urge to get involved in a row between colleagues. You'll benefit in the long run if you can find it in you to keep your mouth shut!

    Your finances

    Your finances are all over the place at the moment and you can't make head nor tail of the situation. You've even had to transfer money from your savings account to your current account in order to make ends meet. It's a slippery slope...

    Your lucky number




    You're in two minds as to whether to attend that birthday party you've been invited to. A certain someone will be present and you're keen to avoid them at all costs.


    Dissonances from the Sun are blinding you to the reality of your family situation. You'd rather make your excuses and keep yourself to yourself until you're in a more sociable frame of mind.

    Your saying

    "God looks for pure hands, not full hands." Latin proverb


    Your diet is in need of an overhaul. You've started piling on all the pounds due to all the carbs, alcohol and sweet treats. Naughty you...

    Your color

    A salmon-pink top will give your little face a bright and lively complexion.

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