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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- August 27th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your love life has had its fair share of ups and downs recently and you're beginning to wonder whether you're meant to be together after all. Your differences of opinion have driven a wedge between you and are creating tensions in your home life. Try to think positively and remember that all relationships have their bad days.


    You're beginning to wonder whether you're cut out for long term relationships after all. You get bored easily and, once the honeymoon period is over, you soon find yourself getting itchy feet. You're not willing to make sacrifices or compromises for anyone else and have therefore decided to stick to your own devices for the time being. You've got some thinking to do...

    Sexy tip

    Being kissed and looked after suits you so well! Go back for more! Don't forget to rub ice cubes on his body to get him in the mood...


    You've come to blows with your boss and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife in the office. You're feeling undervalued at work but you've only gone and done more harm than good by voicing your opinions to the big cheese. Oh dear...

    Your finances

    The stars are advising you to think very carefully before getting your credit card out today. Those home renovations will leave you with a hefty bill to pay and you know deep down that you should wait for a better time. Make sure you shop around and compare prices before going in for the kill.

    Your lucky number




    If you've lost touch with a childhood friend then there is a high chance that you're considering calling them up out of the blue today. Life is too short!


    The clouds have lifted in your home life and you're getting on like a house on fire with your family once again. That said, some alone time would do you good this afternoon.

    Your saying

    « Without the soul, the body wouldn't have feelings. Without the body, the soul wouldn't have sensations » Rivarol


    Saturn in Capricorn is making you feel like you're going one step forwards and two steps back. Remember that there is a lot to be said for positive thinking...

    Your color

    Majorelle blue will give you eyes like a siren's!

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