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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- August 22nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Tensions are rising between you and your partner so you should expect plenty of heated discussions and door slamming at home today. Your finances are in dire straits and the situation is having a knock on effect on your love life. There is little to no action in the bedroom at the moment and your partner has made it clear to you that their needs are not being satisfied.


    You'll have the chance to spend some time alone today and it will do you the world of good. You'd rather hole up at home with a good book or spend time with your friends than think about your love life. You know that your soulmate is out there somewhere but you're in no rush and would prefer to let destiny take its course. A work colleague could turn out to be the exception to the rule though...

    Sexy tip

    Roleplay will stimulate their curiosity... Ask your partner to meet up with you in an unusual place. It'll turn both on you on!


    You're back in your boss's good books and you have every intention of keeping it that way. You're even willing to make them cups of coffee and massage their feet if it gives you a leg up on the career ladder! You may even be asked to move to a new department.

    Your finances

    Money troubles are playing on your mind and preventing you from sleeping through the night. Your finances are teetering on the brink of a disaster and you've decided to pull your finger out while you still have the chance. The astral configuration is encouraging you to be more careful with your spending.

    Your lucky number




    Bad blood is about to cause tensions in your friendships group and there is very little chance that you'll come out unscathed. Keep yourself to yourself until the dust settles.


    If you've been sticking your ore in to a subject then doesn't concern you then you should expect a backlash today. Your family members are about to put you in your place.

    Your saying

    « A man's behavior is ruled by his conscience » Xun Zi


    You're running on empty, both physically and mentally. Make sure you get your eight hours in this evening.

    Your color

    Comforting and modern, amaranthine is a wonderful color for your nails.

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