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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 21st, 2019 -

zodiac sign Aries
  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Hey, do you still love me? is a question that REALLY gets on your partner's nerves... Stop asking for reassurance all the time. You're making your other half feel like running away from you, when they were in the mood to enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday in your company at first. If your lover is a bit of a bully, start standing up to them. They'll like that!


    Venus in Cancer will make you feel like settling down and giving up on one-night stands and short-lived relationships. You dream of meeting someone willing to start a family with you, someone who will commit to spending the rest of their life by your side. You're looking for a serious, caring and genuine partner. Your ideal lover remains hidden for now...

    Sexy tip

    Talking about the most intimate of your desires will be a good way to keep the night going... Don't bother with clothes... They'll soon end up on the floor!


    You stick to your original plan of action, but your career isn't moving forward as quickly as you'd like. The presence of Mars in Leo will help you stay focused on your objectives. The red planet will fill you with motivation and make you impressively convincing.

    Your finances

    You can't see why you shouldn't spend your cash like it's going out of fashion this Sunday. The way you see it, you've truly earnt the right to treat yourself! Be careful not to start living beyond your means. Borrowing money to pay back your overdraft is a terrible idea!

    Your lucky number




    You're not in the mood to see your friends. You will answer their messages, to let them know that you're okay. They'll leave you alone after that.


    Spending time with your family will make you happy. Mercury encourages you and one of your parents to open up and share some of your secrets.

    Your saying

    « One can slice a rock open, but one cannot always warm a cold heart up » Indian saying


    With Jupiter, you will put weight on just by looking at a chocolate bar today! Don't give in to temptation... Stick to a healthy diet.

    Your color

    Red is in fashion: such a wonderful hair color is able to warm up the palest of complexions!

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