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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 19th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Determined to show your partner how much you actually care about them, you will manage to express your feelings without losing your cool at any point this Friday. Your other half will congratulate you for calmly trying to understand why your relationship isn't as fulfilling as it once was when you love each other at least as much as you used to!


    You will pluck up the courage to ask someone you've been chatting to online for some time out today. Don't worry, of course! will be their answer, with a couple of heart and kiss emojis thrown in for good measure! Remember to be yourself at all times if you want this emerging relationship to go anywhere. That person likes you for who you are...

    Sexy tip

    Reveal every single inch of your body! Release the beast. Stock up on ginseng and don't forget the importance of foreplay.


    Don't pay any attention to unfounded rumors, my Aries friend. One of your colleagues is unhappy about their working conditions and desperate to tarnish the reputation of your employers. Asking your bosses for their version of the story would be a big mistake.

    Your finances

    Not paying for parking, driving over the speed limit... Stop thinking that you're above the law, my Aries friend! Jupiter retrograde will slap you with a considerable fine this Friday. Can't say you don't deserve it, to tell you the truth.

    Your lucky number




    Life's too short to hold grudges, and an honest conversation will allow you to make peace with a close friend. You two had missed each other so much!


    You love your family, but they don't exactly make life easy for themselves at times. Teach your loved ones how to laugh at their problems!

    Your saying

    « Never remember your gifts but never forget what you're given » Hebrew saying


    Listening to your body's warning signs is, as far as you're concerned, a sign of weakness... But nobody's asking you to be a hero!

    Your color

    Warm and smooth, pumpkin orange will go wonderfully well on brown-haired individuals.

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