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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 17th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Less demanding than you were yesterday, you will expect your partner to start showing your more love and paying you more attention almost immediately. But your other half isn't quite ready to provide you with all the affection you need... They haven't fully forgiven you yet! Keep up the heart work. You will eventually melt their little heart before long.


    You will enjoy meeting new people in unusual surroundings today. You're normally a bit nervous whenever you find yourself outside of your comfort zone, but it will give you the chance to bump into new faces and get closer to a complete stranger... Instantly hitting it off with someone you'd never met before will fill you with confidence in this domain!

    Sexy tip

    Do it in front of the window or behind see-through curtains... So exciting! Passion is likely to get the better of you today. Enjoy yourself!


    You love your little routine. You can get on with your usual tasks while thinking about something more interesting! But arguments taking place around you begin to affect your mental wellbeing... Try not to stress about issues that have nothing to do with you!

    Your finances

    Your bank refusing to lend you money or increase your overdraft could jeopardize a project you have in mind. With everyone you normally talk to on vacation, you could struggle to come up with a Plan B during the summer... Ask for a time extension if you can!

    Your lucky number




    Don't blush when your friends say nice things about you. You're a pretty incredible person! Accept people's compliments rather than display false modesty...


    You will have the opportunity to act as a peacemaker and resolve a damaging family argument. Well done, but please stay humble afterwards...

    Your saying

    « Pick a job you like and you will enjoy getting up every morning » Confucius


    You're pretty fit and healthy overall, even if weak bones or neuropathic pain cannot be ruled out today.

    Your color

    Peacock blue on black or neutral colors will allow you to shine.

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