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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- May 6th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're discussing a lot with your partner, and together you'll find the best compromise. Rather than argue, you'll settle your disagreements humorously. The planets are infusing you with positive energies. You'll discuss new life projects with your partner in a nice atmosphere. Expect a lovely day.


    Just because you're single doesn't mean you're down in the dumps. Quite to the contrary: if the stars give you the chance, you're open to meeting new people, and if they don't, then you're staying positive, with the hope that a great romance will arrive soon. Your legendary charm will do the rest.

    Sexy tip

    You will be extremely sensual and wild in the bedroom. No one will complain! Tie him up and take your time to turn him on...


    The stars are putting the brakes on your work; you're going to have display even more motivation and determination. But although efforts need to be made, it's only so that you'll be able to reap the benefits down the road - perhaps in the form of a promotion, for example!

    Your finances

    You haven't fallen on hard times, but you should still keep a close eye on your finances. Why not find a second job to earn some extra income as well? It's something to mull over.

    Your lucky number




    You communicate easily, and that's helping you to make new friends. Don't complain if your friends call upon you.


    Certain unexpected situations are throwing you off. Still, you don't want to upset your loved ones, so you'll be there whenever they need you.

    Your saying

    "Only the ignorant gets angry. The wise understands." Hindu wisdom


    Your energy will be up and down throughout the day, but you won't give up. You'll try to get a little exercise.

    Your color

    Milky and minty, Jade green will put the spotlight on green and brown eyes.

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