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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- April 11th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It won't be a desire but an obligation to boost your relationship and get away from this hodgepodge. You've accepted this long enough and you won't be able to put up living as a couple, and as if you weren't one. You'll be direct about things and will ask your partner to position himself or herself, even if it means accepting the consequences.


    You'll end up asking yourself if you're not the one triggering your romantic setbacks. You will not blame destiny or bad luck. You prefer indulging in soul searching, as it's not normal that you seem to meet people who don't feel good about themselves and who are looking for a shoulder to cry on, rather than love.

    Sexy tip

    Watch an erotic film together to get the evening started. You will know exactly how to take it from there...


    With Saturn headlining in your professional sector, you'll work twice as hard compared to others. Make sure you don't overstep your limits, if you don't want to snap due to the pressure one puts on you.

    Your finances

    The Moon/Uranus sextil will be like a fairy God mother in your financial sector. Not only will there be unexpected money inflow but you'll also benefit from some advantages, which will take a load off your everyday budget.

    Your lucky number




    You won't talk for the sake of talking and you won't embellish to express yourself. Nothing new, your friends are used to this.


    To maintain harmony in your family, you'll apply the methods given by this relative, like being attentive and benevolence.

    Your saying

    "One is never punished for killing someone with laughter." Chinese proverb


    If you feel tired, don't force yourself to do more than you should. Once you're done with your day, get some rest.

    Your color

    Mint green eye shadow will give you wonderfully refreshing and bright eyes.

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