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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- March 5th, 2019 -

zodiac sign Aries
  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Relationships outside of your own will reignite your union. The stars are giving you the chance both to take advantage of your mutual friends and to stay home alone together. You want to have shared experiences, though, and you're always ready to go out. This evening will be on occasion to have some one-on-one time.


    You might meet someone like you. Love might suddenly be knocking at your door. But there's a sense of frustration in the air. This person might be less available than you'd thought. Be patient and take things step-by-step. Don't spoil the moment by thinking about the future.

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try having sex in an unusual place? The risk of being caught turns you on! You could explore new horizons on the sex front, with your partner's approval of course!


    Your work might be tiring, but it'll move you toward new responsibilities. Don't worry if you're not advancing quickly. Administrative procedures might be slowing things down and discouraging you.

    Your finances

    You have a lot of work, and that reassures you about the future of your finances. You'll get along well with your coworkers, and that will bring back your sense of professional ambition.

    Your lucky number




    You might grow closer with a friend to the point that things will be thrown off balance in a friendship, which will put you in an awkward position.


    You'll get along with one of your family members, and a problem in your communication will be solved in a positive way.

    Your saying

    "The wise man can discover the world without leaving his home. He sees without looking, and achieves without acting." Laozi


    You're finding good ways to stay in shape. Take the time to meditate as well, because you're rather on edge.

    Your color

    A classic kaki, army green is THE color to wear this year!

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