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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- February 14th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You've got plenty of surprises lined up for your partner this evening and they won't be able to wipe the smile off of their face when they find out what's in store for them. Unfortunately the situation will take a turn for the worse when your partner doesn't seem as pleased as you thought they'd be with your plans for the evening. Expect plenty of door slamming and shouting tonight!


    Your fiery temper will win you a few admirers today but it will also make you a few enemies. You're not in the mood for smalltalk and you'll make it clear to your love interests that they'll have their work cut out for them in attracting your attention. The truth of the matter is that the lonely single life has turned your heart to stone...

    Sexy tip

    You're drooling over your plans for tonight... Enjoy yourself! Don't skip foreplay, enjoy what your partner's body has to offer!


    Your determination will help you to get ahead and stay ahead at work today. Your boss isn't making life easy for you but fortunately you work well under pressure. If your tried and tested approach doesn't cut the mustard then you'll test out new ideas until you succeed.

    Your finances

    Mars is encouraging you to make some changes to your savings and investments plans and keep an eye on your fixed costs. That said, your finances are stable so the day should go off without a glitch as long as you learn to say No to the little devil on your shoulder!

    Your lucky number




    Your jealous streak will come to the surface today and it won't go unnoticed by your friends. The Moon and Neptune are making you possessive.


    Your relatives will offer you some wise advice today but, as usual, you think you know better. You'll just have to find out the hard way that that's not the case.

    Your saying

    "The future is a great place to store dreams." Anatole France


    You've let your diet slip and the results are clear to see. Your eyes are bigger than your belly but that won't be the case for very long if you carry on like this!

    Your color

    A pure snow white will give you an angelic look, ideal to hid your slightly cheeky personality.

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