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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- January 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Together and forever! This is what you really want and you express this with intense sensuality and passion to your loved one. A fiery day in terms of sexuality but it could trigger some jealousy. If in little doses, it'll only spice up your relationship. If you're not able to control this, it might ruin something which was going to be good...


    Your sex appeal will trigger many interested looks and people will try to get closer...You'll be interested, but while being choosy and demanding with those you might consider as potential partners. If you go on a date, it'll be based on physical attraction, desire and wonderful moments. You'll need to wait for the rest!

    Sexy tip

    Stick all kinds of tattoos and drawings on your body and show him your masterpiece! The Sun will make you very creative in this domain.


    This day is going to be positive. Extremely combative and a great capacity to take on work, you'll really move forward with your files. You'll find solutions for problems which come in the way of your progress. The year is off to a good start!

    Your finances

    Your business skills get back to work! This isn't any reason to spend the hard earned money, this early. Think of starting a savings account for those times where you won't really be on a roll!

    Your lucky number




    Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius promise you very promising moments with friends. You'll hesitate between two invitations. It's tough not to offend anyone!


    Your authority will be acknowledged by your loved ones. Your word matters and your children won't try to oppose you. They trust you and you trust them too.

    Your saying

    "No one is more bitter than those who are pretending to be kind." Vauvenargues


    Beautiful and great shape encourages you to resume sports and or least in doing some physical exercises!

    Your color

    A brownish-gray jacket will go well with a bamboo-green top, two trendy and nature-friendly colors!

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