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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- December 21st, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'd like to devote more time to your partner. But that won't be easy, because each of your desires is overwhelming. You're needed right and left. If you don't get things straight, your partner will take charge and put some distance between your couple and everyone else, so that you can love each other in peace.


    You're ready to savor the surprises life has to offer. If you take a step into the unknown, Venus in Scorpio promises newness, beauty, and sweet nothings whispered into your ear. Your taste for improvisation is well suited for the day, as everything will become possible with this person.

    Sexy tip

    Let him admire your body, opt for subdued lights in the bedroom. Use your hands, caress his body gently and ask him to do the same to you.


    Things might not work well, more because of your attitude than your skills. You're lacking in moderation, and even if you take on responsibility at work, your authoritarian attitude won't sit well with your colleagues.

    Your finances

    If you check your accounts regularly you'll avoid losing money or forgetting to pay a bill. Remember to read between the lines before signing a contract.

    Your lucky number




    You'll turn your back on the killjoys and grow closer with more tolerant, curious, open-minded folk. Still, don't burn any bridges.


    A loved one's attitude will disappoint you deeply. You weren't expecting this considering how much you helped them when they needed it.

    Your saying

    "Expect a lot from yourself and little from others. You will save yourself many problems." Confucius


    You'll get upset over nothing, and the stress might result in headaches or a head cold. You need to decompress.

    Your color

    Strawberry red is in fashion, such a lovely color will give you a truly bohemian look.

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