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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- October 14th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll feel the need to straighten out some things and your partner won't have any other choice but to give in. It'll be an opportunity for both of you to life the veil on your differences of opinions. Root out the evil and move on, there won't be any use coming back to the same topic again and again.


    Configuration between Mars and Moon disturbs you. You won't know what you want and even less how to react. You sway between the desire to be part of a stable relationship and the need to preserve your freedom. Eventually, you'll prefer not doing anything today and wait without actually making up your mind.

    Sexy tip

    A hint of jealousy could surprisingly spice up your sex life. Punish your partner in the bedroom!


    Determined and motivated, you have made up your mind to roll up your sleeves and take action at once. If your intentions are good, make sure Mars doesn't push you into taking reckless risks. Prepare the ground work and let your projects move forward without hurrying them.

    Your finances

    You'd better be wary. You might be scammed, or one could make fake promises or lure you with juicy investments which are too good to be true. Be careful and don't fall for the siren song, especially around internet investments.

    Your lucky number




    If your friends haven't changed, you'll see them from a different angle. There is no guarantee that you'll be satisfied by what you see.


    Regardless of what happens, nothing will be able to brighten you up completely. If you have children, try to be more attentive to their needs.

    Your saying

    « First feelings are always the most genuine ones » Madame de Sévigné


    You'll have the impression of having to handle everything but this will just be an impression. Nothing is forcing you to handle so many things.

    Your color

    Soothing and helping you meditate, opaline greet will make you look like someone who feels good in your own skin.

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