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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 28th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner will be pleased to see that you've calmed down since yesterday! You have a tendency to fly off the handle and yesterday's full Moon certainly didn't help matters. You want to make it up to your partner and try to smooth things over whilst you still have the chance. A romantic weekend away would be a good place to start!


    Dear Single, you've managed to calm down since yesterday and have decided to give yourself some slack when it comes to your love life. You value your independence and have come to realize that the single life isn't that bad after all. You won't meet your soulmate today but you don't mind in the slightest as you're not in a rush to start a new relationship.

    Sexy tip

    Undress your partner with your teeth and let him undress you with his! Being out-of-control will seriously turn him on!


    Your head is all over the place and your work is suffering as a result. Problems in your home life are spilling over into your professional life and causing you to make mistakes. Fortunately Mercury will just about save the day at the last minute. What a relief!

    Your finances

    It's time you faced facts and looked at your financial situation from an objective viewpoint. You've taken your eye off the ball recently and your bank balance has taken a hit. It's not too late to rectify the situation if you put your mind to it. It won't be easy though!

    Your lucky number




    Your social life is buzzing and you certainly don't have time to get bored at the moment. You're lucky to have such a loyal bunch of pals and you know it.


    You can't live with your family but you can't live without them either! You love each other dearly but your differences of opinion often make life tricky at home. No-one said it would be easy!

    Your saying

    « Heaven on earth can be found between a woman's breasts, on the back of a horse and in a good book » Arab saying


    Mars is giving you a burst of positive energy so make sure you use it to your advantage today. Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!

    Your color

    Yellow ocher goes so well with darker skins! Who can resist this golden honey look?

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