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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Positive influences from the Mercury/Moon conjunction are helping you to get things back on track withy your loved one. You have come to realize that relationships are all about give and take and will decide to let your partner have the last say on a certain subject. You can't agree on everything all of the time and the sooner you accept that the better.


    Dear Aries, you will waste no time in using your skills of seduction to your advantage today. You've got the gift of the gab and you know exactly what to do to wrap a certain someone around your little finger. You enjoy the thrill of the chase but you seem to be less interested in keeping your prize once you have earned it.

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever given your partner a striptease? Try it immediately! Let him grab your hand and do whatever he wants with it... You won't regret it.


    The last thing you feel like doing this Sunday is working. Venus is making you want to kick back, relax and put your feet up. If you have to head into the office then you'll spend the day chatting with your colleagues rather than making progress with your projects.

    Your finances

    It's about time you stopped pouring your hard earned cash down the drain! Jupiter is encouraging you to spend like there's no tomorrow whilst Saturn is trying its best to warn you of the dangers ahead. It's up to you to find a healthy balance.

    Your lucky number




    You firmly believe that honesty is the best policy but that doesn't mean you should think it's ok to criticize your friends. Let them make their own decisions.


    The Sun-Pluto opposition is still having a negative effect on your family relations. Try to keep the conversation neutral in order to avoid ruffling a certain someone's feathers.

    Your saying

    « In all initiatives, it is the beginning that must be the most carefully thought out » Shu Ji


    A head massage will help you to wind down and ward off those headaches. You'll feel back to your usual self in no time and will vow to do it more often.

    Your color

    Give green a go! In touch with nature, you will opt for a lovely almond green top.

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