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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- July 13th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    All your attentions are on your relatives and children today so it's no surprise that your partner is feeling like a third wheel! There will be no time for kisses and cuddles and your conversations will be centered on the household chores, grocery shopping and your kids' education. Your poor relationship is in desperate need of some TLC.


    Dear Single, you've come to realize that you're not ready for a new relationship just yet. You've got some thinking to do and need to work on your demons before you'll be ready to share your life with someone else. You're keeping your options open for now as you are not prepared to settle for someone who doesn't tick all the boxes.

    Sexy tip

    Cook with aphrodisiac ingredients, such as ginger, and enjoy the evening ahead!


    The new Moon is helping your career to go from strength to strength. Your job role is evolving for the better and you're waiting with bated breath for your new contract. You can't help wondering whether you're out of your depth but you're determined to give it your best shot.

    Your finances

    Your finances are back on track and you can pat yourself on the back for your hard work. An expected sum of money will make its way to you today and you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face. Just make sure you don't spend it all at once!

    Your lucky number




    Your friends never fail to lift your spirits. You've been feeling down in the dumps but your closest pals will help to put the smile back on your face today. You can't thank them enough.


    Your family is your number one priority today. You're proud to be part of such a close knit family and you're always there for your loved ones in their hour of need.

    Your saying

    « Believe, if you want, that mountains have moved. But don't believe that a man can change his true nature » Persian saying


    The Sun is shining and you're ready to work on your tan. A good dose of vitamin D will do you the world of good but don't forget your sunblock!

    Your color

    Fresh and acid, lime green is THE color in fashion this year.

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