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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- June 20th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    There may be a motif of discontent, tied to your partner's attitude, which you lacking in warmth and affection. But your own comportment may be partially to blame for your partner's lack of emotiveness. Before criticizing them, it'd be wise to ask yourself whether this is the case.


    With Mercury in Cancer, you won't be very open to other people. Plunged into your memories of things past, you're afraid of being once again disappointed by romance. Even if you have the chance to meet someone or to exchange some messages with someone who will make a pass at you, your distrust will be obvious.

    Sexy tip

    The 'Do not disturb' sign could be left on your door for hours and hours. Your partner's main priority is to please you and fulfill your most intimate desires.


    You'll be swamped with work. Either that, or you'll have the same amount as usual, but you'll have a harder time getting things done. Something unique in your work will require some reflection.

    Your finances

    You're pugnacious, doing everything you can to balance your budget. You're hunting down any steep bills and rash purchases. Your ideas are relevant and your actions coherent, and they'll keep financial dangers at bay.

    Your lucky number




    You won't always be in agreement with your friends, but you'll be polite enough not to get into stupid arguments with them.


    You'll make progress in a positive and tender emotional atmosphere. You'll keep a lovingly watchful eye over your loved ones, and they'll reciprocate.

    Your saying

    « A happy life is impossible without wisdom, honesty and justice. Three values that are impossible without a happy life » Epicurus


    Still, it'd be ideal to eat fruits and fresh vegetables. Do some research on community-supported agriculture and farmers market deliveries.

    Your color

    Alabaster, a wonderfully shiny white, will brighten up your eyes. So charming!

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