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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- May 2nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today, thanks to a more playful sense of humor, you are planning to spend a special evening with your partner. Feeling more mischievous and provocative then usual, the day will pass by through sweet and naughty dialogue. Your communication will be like on your first date, and you will not lack ideas nor imagination. Perhaps an improvised evening at a restaurant could tempt you both.


    To find the right match, you have to be very patient. You are rather optimistic, however, as soon as you get to know someone. It has to be said that your feisty nature usually tends to instantly spice things up in a relationship. Be careful not to delude yourself and don't rush into things. Sometimes, being too eager can play nasty tricks on you!

    Sexy tip

    You will look for sweet and sensual exchanges! Relaxing is your priority. Massages will make you very happy!


    You are close to your superiors because you would like to move up through the ranks or do something by yourself for once. This independence is necessary, but you are still lacking ideas to find the right area to develop. It's time to take advice from a colleague.

    Your finances

    Be careful that your relation with a colleague doesn't lower your concentration level. You may find that it takes longer to complete your tasks. The day will be stirred by a friendly atmosphere, but don't worry as your supervisors still appreciate you.

    Your lucky number




    Venus in Gemini tends to lead to new acquaintances. Your energy and craziness are part of your charms that appeal to your friends.


    You are doing your best to be available to everyone. You are always present for your loved ones so that they are not lacking in anything. This dedication is very much appreciated by all.

    Your saying

    "When one can keep one's promise without becoming unlawful, one must keep one's word." Confucius


    You are in great shape and you would like to stay like that. Eating healthy and doing more sports will do wonders for you.

    Your color

    Dragée pink or pomegranate red will give you a bright and friendly look!

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