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The translation of Zen is contemplation or even better, Enlightenment. Zen thinkers say that Zen was initiated once Buddha achieved Enlightenment. Zen is a way of being, a state of togetherness of the body and the mind. Zen involves impermanence, absence of illusion and detachment. Zen attitude means finding full awareness in the present moment.

What can we do to get a more peaceful life?

Be present in everything you do,

Do one thing at a time, slowly and completely,

Focus on positive thoughts,

Focus on what’s going well,

Let go of what you can’t control,

Take time for yourself,

Slow down your activities,

Don’t worry about what people think,

Put things into perspective,

Look at the bigger picture,

Visualize a positive outcome,

Try not to take things personally,

Take a step back from stressful situations and take big breaths,

Go with the flow of things

Get lots of rest,

Live in the present,

Practice wellness,

Enroll for yoga classes,

Make a Zen garden,

Become spiritually aware,

Meditate daily (zazen),

Smile more often,

What are its benefits?

It will help release stress, anxiety, frustration and anger.

It will help your mind to process everyday stresses.

It will help regulate your moods and emotions.

It will bring peace of mind and balance of the body.

It will reduce expectations and disillusions.

It will bring wholeness and will boost spiritual awareness.

Zen meditation strengthens the brain by reinforcing the connection between cells.

It improves the power of attention, the abilities to process information, to make decisions.

It re-energizes and trains the brain to support performance and productivity.

Meditation trains the brain to be mindful and present.

It increases focus improves performances and productivity.

Meditation increases the blood circulation in the brain, it energizes its right side which is responsible for creativity.

It quietens the mind and improves memory.

It restores energy.

It reduces inflammation and blood pressure.

Smile, breathe and go slowly are the rules of Zen meditation.

Smile and contentment will release endorphins which is going to reduce pain, regulate appetite, release sex hormones and enhance the immune system.

What are you waiting for?

Positive attitude is a first step to Zen attitude. There is more awareness and spirituality involved in the Zen attitude. Zen is more spiritual than religious, it is more a way of life, a philosophy. It is a practical experience for self-discovery. It is a guide for a peaceful life. Give it a try!

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