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What can we do today to restore ourselves?

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There are various ways and tools to recharge our batteries after a hard day at work or any other stressful experience.

Let’s focus on Positive Thinking and start with some practices that are going to help you.

How to put Positive Thinking into practice?

Identify the patterns to change. 

Find out what are the areas of your life that you think negatively about, (work or relationship). It is better to start small by focusing on one area. Concentrate on your thoughts and evaluate how positive you have been during the day.

Did you take time for yourself, have you done some physical exercises? Sports and body activities are stress redactor. Do you practice any stress management techniques such as Yoga, Meditation, Thai -chi and others?

Avoid negative people, they will make you doubt and feel more vulnerable.

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and take every opportunity to laugh with them.

Laughing is a great way to let go of tensions, to breathe deeply and to make you feel happy. Humor is important, there is no risk of bad side effects, you can overindulge in this discipline, as much as you can.

Practice Positive Self-talk: don’t be harsh on yourself, don’t say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to someone else. Practice Positive Affirmations, they will help convince yourself in time of doubt and hesitation.

Be grateful and thankful for the good things coming into your life. Visualize any outcome which is important for you, you will be surprised by the results. Celebrate and congratulate yourself for your hard work and your progresses. You deserve a good pat on the back!

Don’t give up too quickly if you are dissatisfied, it is worth moving on and sticking to your guns. Give it another try! 

A few rules to respect to live a Positive Life:

  • Be comfortable with yourself
  • Appreciate what you have
  • Focus on the positives during any situation
  • Live the present moment
  • Don’t worry, be happy
  • Forget about controlling everyone and everything
  • Forget grudges and resentment
  • Stop over-analyzing people

It is important to use positive vocabulary that evoke success and happiness.

Correct any negative tendency and try to keep your thoughts on the positive side.

A few tips to improve your daily practice:

-Choose uplifting topics of conversation

-Practice awareness and live in the present

-Review your priorities

-Make the necessary changes

Even though we have little control on the outside events that disturb our lives and make us lose balance, we have nevertheless some power on ourselves.

And this is an opportunity to take full charge of our lives!

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