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We are guaranteed to face challenging circumstances, changing environments and new roles that require adaptation and flexibility. Especially, nowadays!

Personal Development practices can help us handle the pressures that come with those changes. Personal Development is an ongoing process of self-improvement. It is about setting goals for ourselves and taking action to achieve them.

Personal Development is striving for a better understanding of ourselves and the others. It is striving to grow, improve our skills and our gifts. It is striving for changes and growth.

Growth and changes are usually not pleasant, even when necessary.

Change is often associated with loss or even grief as we have to let go of well-known patterns. Curiosity and openness to experience is required, if we want to grow. But there is much more to do, other skills need to be learned such as organization, flexibility, interest and mobility, self- control and efficiency.

The 3 Parts of Personal Development according to Rohn

Life is all about creating skills, valuing and taking them to the marketplace, to see what they do for you in return.

Jim Rohn

Personal Development is a life-time work.

There are various assignments to be passed but working on ourselves is surely the most challenging one.

What we become is more important than what we get.

We must get ready and prepare ourselves for the next phase.

We have to create, develop and improve our skills if we wish to be competitive, especially on the marketplace.

We have to let go of old habits and negative patterns in order to grow.

Inspiration, motivation and self-discipline are the components of success in Personal Development.

Spiritual awareness is highly recommended. Physical care is necessary to achieve physical well-being and maintain self -confidence.  Good nutrition in important as we are what we eat. Even if we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, our appearance is still most important. But don’t become self-conscious. Mental food is good for the brain, exercise it, stretch it to get best results.

Why Personal Development should be a priority:

-It makes us leave our comfort zone

-It develops our strengths

-It boosts our self-confidence

-It improves our self-awareness

Easy steps to follow:

  • Establish the goals you want to reach
  • Look for the weaknesses that need to be improved
  • Set up your plan of action
  • Make time for nurturing your strengths
  • Record your outcomes
  • Evaluate your outcomes

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