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Light workers and Light warriors, who are they?

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The Light workers

They are people who are individuals with a high degree of consciousness, who are called “Enlighted”. They work essentially alone, helping others to see the Light whenever they find themselves in a time of darkness or indecision. They are people with vivid perceptions and they enjoy living surrounded by nature. They live in the present, they are grounded and stay away from groups and social events.

They have a strong sense of morality (not linked to a religious belief), and good ethics and they won’t give up about them. They have an urge for servicing and helping the ones in need and they will honor their responsibilities without winging. They can easily feel the emotions of others and they have empathy and compassion for them. They are quieter, more peaceful inside and they don’t live under the pressure of the Modern society. Their ego is therefore less prominent and they don’t fear death as much.

In this state of “spiritual awakening”, they aren’t in need of identity nor of belonging as they feel as “citizens of the Planet”. They aren’t so concerned with power, materialism and prefer to live peacefully in solitude, with an environment-friendly lifestyle. “To be” seems more important than “to have” and inactivity suits them well. Authenticity is the key, unconventionality is the moto, they often appear as eccentrics. Their relationships are usually deeper as they are less-judgmental and have less expectations. Their spiritual awakening brings wellbeing, they can focus more easily and therefore, be more efficient. Their methods are gentle, nurturing, empowering. They see the beautiful in all things all the time.
Meditation, yoga and other activities can be part of their routine but they won’t feel the need to exercise with others.

The Light warriors

They are different and not always appreciated by the Light workers. They take part in forums and will interact only when there is something controversial. They seem colder, more logical and even negative at times. They are often misunderstood. They keep balance in all things, they defend and fight for the truth but may be blunt and too honest. They are more intense as they are defenders of truth but they are worth listening to as they can warn you and save you time and trouble!

Light Warrior is a book written by Kyle Gray. He encourages people to:

-drop fear and accept support
-create loving connection with angels and guides
-increase psychic protection and assertive voice
-overcome fear of persecution
-step into magic of ceremonies

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