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The Oracle of Stars

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A fan of astrology? Fascinated by fortune telling? This Oracle of the stars is made for you! Whether you are an astrology enthusiast or just a beginner, experienced in drawing cards or a novice, this wonderful set of 53 beautifully illustrated cards is very easy to understand. Pamper yourself with a trip to the cosmos!

The creator

Pandora Herts, whose real name is Nolwenn Meiller, painter and follower of the magic of mountains, has been able to combine her two passions and create this wonderful oracle, which is directly inspired by her Breton origins and the observation of the celestial vault, that she cherishes through her house’s extraordinary view.

The structure of the game

This oracle of 53 numbered cards is composed as follows:

27 astrological cards with a black background

  • 4 season cards (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • 12 astrological sign cards
  • 11 planet cards

26 symbolic cards

  • 13 cards with a purple background, feminine energy (blessing, protection, birth, travel…)
  • 13 cards with a bluish background, masculine energy (lap times, fault, temptation…)


The seasons cards, apart from the keywords which correspond to the seasons themselves, indicate a period of 3 months per season card.

Astrological signs describe the personality of the person affected by the question, give clues about their personality, and can influence behavior.

The planet cards and the symbolic cards are interpreted in a traditional manner in every area of life, love, professional, material, finances, health, and general symbolism.

The Oracle of the Stars’ cards can be read in an inverted way by focusing on the interpretation on the advice and the improvements that need to be carried out, rather than sticking to the negative meanings as is often the case.

Drawing cards

There are many ways of drawing in this Oracle, but you can practice all the drawings you know. The main thing is to comprehend the game and be in tune with it.

The « lunar cycle draw » through 6 cards, allows you to take stock of what you can do for your personal, emotional, or spiritual development.

The « circular time drawing » through 9 cards is recommended in the case of an important decision which needs to be made or in the case of doubts with a precise situation, that requires you to make a choice.

The « drawing of the 12 astrological houses » through 12 cards, makes it possible to view the events in all areas of life. This should take place on a birthday or the New year.

Don’t wait any longer to embark on the journey, to the heart of the galaxy!

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