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Clarify your gray areas to shine with the Oracle of Light

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Clarify your gray areas to shine with the Oracle of Light

Surpassing our fears, finding trust and support to step out of the shadows and onto the stage, isn’t that something we all strive to do with more or less success and conscience? This wonderful Oracle of Light teaches us to listen to our inner voice, understand what we need at a given moment, and how to achieve it.

Its creators

This wonderful Oracle of Light is the fruit of a union of the talents of Aurore Widmer, shamanic and holistic practitioner, a healer, who passes on her knowledge and enlightens us and Jeremy Avada, who after having progressed in the tattoo realm, found his path by creating protection totems, customized intuitive illustrations known as HOCTRA. He has brilliantly created symbols of this magnificent Oracle, made up of 57 numbered and named cards.

What does it bring us?

Just like a flashlight in the darkness, it guides us to achieve what we bury within us, not wanting to see what we’ve tucked away in an inner corner, to avoid any sort of disturbance. The aim of this Oracle is to teach us to look in this corner, which seems to scare us, decipher it, understand it so that we can free ourselves from and evolve in the open, and not feel like a victim in any way, whatsoever.

Unusual topics

The asset of this Oracle of Light is to address unusual topics for an oracle. It doesn’t rub us up the right way! It touches on a raw nerve! It gives us the courage to address those areas of our life that we’ve been hiding, so that we can finally liberate ourselves from this.

Inconsistency and Coherence, not to mention, Transformation, Vulnerability or even Karma, Protection, The Unknown, all these cards are wonderfully illustrated in white and golden, on a totally black background, which shows us the path from shadow towards the light.

Soul-searching or clairvoyance?

A development tool before anything else, it’ll be a pity not to use it as it is, because the results are just amazing. It can also be a part of a clairvoyance session, due to the symbolism of cards, which speaks to everyone. There is no need for a training or any particular knowledge, it is even recommended to rely on one’s own codes to develop one’s receptive capacities. However, a comprehensive book accompanies the game, which describes each single card, along with a bonus mantra for each card and several draws for the “path of life” or the “karmic relationship”.

Let there be light within you!

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