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What is the focus for Scorpio in 2019?

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2018 could have changed your environment and your habits in the process. You like to be in control, but it isn’t going to be that easy in 2019. You’re on a rocky road, in terms of partners and stability in relationships that aren’t on the rise. You should stay on the fence for a while, if you want to know exactly who you are, and what you need for your happiness, today.

Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac, it will leave Aries for Taurus on March 6, you aren’t going to settle down emotionally, in 2019, so don’t expect serenity in either of these sectors. The situation can be exciting, but it won’t be satisfactory.

Uranus will retrograde from August 12 to January 10, 2020, you will be more nervous, more vulnerable then. You must take good care of yourself if you want to follow the hectic pace.

Pluto will stay in Capricorn in 2019, you might feel like changing attitude with family members and neighbors. You want to modify the rules and be perceived differently by your loved ones. You will express yourself more powerfully.

Pluto will retrograde from April 24 to October 3, you can expect some resistance towards your plans during this period. Calm, patience and resilience will be more than necessary.

Neptune still in Pisces, its own sign during 2019, will be good to you, you will have time for your passions and your children. Your love life will bloom but take every day as it comes without planning long term.

Neptune will retrograde from June 21 to November 27, don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep. And watch out not to overindulge!

With Saturn in Capricorn, its own sign, all year, you might take on more responsibilities especially in your social life. You could be involved in a community, with neighbors or even at work. Don’t burden yourself though, because you won’t be able to succeed.  

Saturn will retrograde from April 29 to September 18, this is when your patience will be tested. You might experience misunderstanding with siblings, don’t expect them to agree with you.

In 2019, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, its own sign, it will be more optimistic than ever, and your finances will benefit from this placement. You might buy a bigger place or extend your actual house, don’t go too big, you could regret it, later.

Jupiter will retrograde from April 10 to August 11, this is when you must be careful. If you can resist to temptations and to excesses, you will be safe.

2019 is a year to express yourself differently. Don’t expect stability in your partnerships. Being single won’t be a problem, you will enjoy your freedom and you will be more creative.

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